My love for nature is so intense that at times I feel its my first love . Its like … am in a constant chase to capture and hold her beauty…. How I would love to crystallise her forever only if she would stay still , only if she would stay a second longer ( deep sigh).

Nature as you know is evanescent . Ever changing , enthralling , enticing, timid, sometimes furious, bold , colourful and gorgeous. Those fleeting moments with nature stir up a lot of emotions. Her beauty is breathtaking, her silence is soothing , her let go attitude is inspiring and the way she sacrifices herself teaches so many lessons of life. My darling nature never disappoints me .The very next day waiting to unfold her new self . Waiting in solitude and silence only for us to rediscover and cherish her each day.

The pictures attached below do very little justice to her majestic beauty. Though it’s my humble effort to sum it up.





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