PC~ Wanderlust

More than the strong urge to travel. Mystery at every turn which is no less than a pandora box keeps one intrigued. The dynamic sceneries keeps you at the edge . Seeing a dry tree at one instance and then sighting a patch of long green grass tinted with sunlight swaying gently like those in paintings .With yet again a swift change in the frame of vision, a lone green tree and nothing else apart from it. It kind of ignites the poet or artist in you. At times I even feel like a saint; learning from the environment to strike a balance with surrounding. Might sound a little far fetched 😝but still you know…

My recent visit was to my hometown. The place which holds a thousand memories the place that has seen my transition from  being a baby to a grown up adult and much much more. And still you remember those silliest of things from childhood to serious of things from adolescence which now when we recall might seem so very trivial.

Back during the school days when I used sit and study early in the morning. More than the book in hand the surrounding looked very interesting. A squirrel hoping from one tree to another , counting oneself lucky for having spotted a parrot or a kingfisher. Trying to collect the feathers and seeing it with such awe. Such small things held the greatest joys.

So this trip of mine was no different as I was able to capture an odd looking bird. And the best part is I have a picture in hand . Not just memories anymore. Get to share it with the world now . Yippee !!!





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