WPC Morning



A gloomy day like this makes you long for some more sleep that you visualise a soft bouncy bed seeing these clouds.

Mornings !!! Time to rise and shine.      Sometimes after too much of browsing and surfing through the net. And viewing through the infinite online clothing options and seamlessly jumping from one category to another and googling things from cooking to beauty tips  time just flies. All of a sudden I hear the birds chirping outside, a gentle reminder like the alarm in a mobile that I’ve got only few hours left before day break. Time to snooze . As I am catching up on my dream really enjoying the pleasantries of the dream flying in the air. The alarm goes off. It’s time to get up. That very second is when the bed gets even more cosy and comfortable. Like the devil trying to lure you… feel like sleeping some more. At that point I recall the words of my dear father “it always feels good to comfort and laze” . So true. With that thought I jump up and console myself of having a good sleep the next day. And the story continues….



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