No time to spare.

In this fast paced world there is no time to spare!!! Everyone seems to be in a hurry to do something or the other. So much chaos and confusion. Where are we heading towards in such haste??? We have no time to spare. Oh!!! no time to spare. No time to read the newspaper. No time to connect with friends and relatives.

We claim to be socially active and well networked. We don’t have time to spare … To read lengthy messages on watsapp.  We are glued to the phone. We don’t give our 100 percent there on the phone nor to the person sitting right across who is trying to strike a conversation. In the true sense we don’t know anything about networking . In the race to achieve something precious we fail to live the present. Aye !!! being, ” Are you a human or a drone with no time to spare?”

We think we are the next gen. Cool, smart and intelligent. But we know nothing about socialising or networking. We know of it only in the virtual sense. There have been some disturbing stories of old couples dying and rotting. Coming to notice after weeks’ or months’ time along with a nasty stench . Vessels covered in dust , fruits and vegetables rotting. It pains to hear such stories. Where are we heading with no time to spare??? No time to spare to say a sweet word or two to your beloved. No time to cuddle or hug your child. No time to laugh and enjoy the company of a friend. In the race against time we have no time to spare… But there is always  a ray of hope for a better life and better living. Despair not we shall have time to spare….


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