Unlimited learning capacity.

Can you ever imagine a life where learning is of limited edition??? Say only 10 giga bytes of learning capacity per person. How useless or incompetent one would end up to be !!! When I think of such things I count my blessings.Thank the creator and the minute intricacies of his creation. Thank god for the unlimited storage capacity he has provided. To the extent that we haven’t even explored the maximum learning capability of a person. Very few who were blessed are popular. Renowned scientists , musicians and artists who have etched their name in history. Their stories have inspired many and kindled new hope for future generations.

Like the vast expanse of the sky there is no end to learning. Each day we learn new things. At times it’s not even  a deliberate action. It’s either gathering information on the newspaper or Internet. Or it could be watching a video on YouTube learning the perfect way to cut a pineapple. If you are lucky enough  learning a dance routine with a perfect partner . It could be hearing a lecture on a specific topic from a subject expert. Learning a new task at work. The list is endless . We as human being an evolved race is quick at grasping . Right from infant stage to adulthood we learn things from others be it mannerisms, the slang,  a routine or habits . Learning  is similar to data transfer via pen drive.

The best thing about learning is there is no age bar. No matter how many degrees you acquire or how old you grow one can always learn.There’s always scope to learn more. Fine tuning the area of interest gives a narrow perspective and vice versa. Thanks to various search engines that a wide variety of information and literature is made easily available. From science, medicine , religion to even after life interesting topics are available . It’s just that one must have the eye to learn new things. There is no saturation limit to learning. When I learnt skating as a child the initial stages of learning the basics seemed boring . Keeping one step after another doing the same thing again and again until you master it. But the end result of zooming on the wheels was such a pleasure. While enjoying the fruit of the hardwork the discomfort once experienced becomes a thing of the distant past. Learning is like amassing wealth but with a special clause. Wealth that will never deplete. I quote a popular Tamil saying which goes like this ” What we have learnt is equal to the quantity of sand held in hand, what we haven’t learned is equivalent to the wide world”. Cheers to learning that is never-ending !!!



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