An apology is like these flowers subtle at the same time sincere….

Being remorseful for a certain action or in some cases for not owning up or rising to the occasion. This meets the condition of an apology. I am a person who lets go of things. At least I thought so I was… Until the fall of events. It was then I understood the dynamics of an apology . It’s like the two sides of a coin. One side to it is asking someone an apology. This is fairly easy according to me. When you really feel that you have hurt someone and didn’t do things the way you were supposed to. Then saying sorry seems like the but obvious thing to do. And now coming to the other side of it where you are expecting an apology. It’s your ego that doesn’t want to bend that easily; it wants to flare out like a wild fire. In the process we create this giant bubble. You know the thing about this giant bubble. It may look huge, hovering above you kind but just a touch is sufficient to pop it out.  Instead  we keep feeding this monster more and more . From my personal experience when I was expecting an apology. Though the crux of the issue was fairly negligible. Firstly, the  apology in itself did not seem sincere. Secondly, no matter how apologetic this person was. The very thought of the incident would bring a cloud of negative feelings and bitterness. And each time I would hurt myself  by reliving the incident again and again. Filling myself with spite . This is similar to a clock that has stopped functioning . Ticking back and forth unable to move forward in time. Stuck in the past not living the present and therefore ruining the future . Now to console your heart you cannot pierce a dagger at that person. The solution to this is “sympathy” which is putting yourself in other person ‘s shoes and “positive auto-suggestion”. Finally never look back because it’s you who would be trailing alone with a dagger in heart. Cheers to god’s gift called mind which can imagine pleasant things. Happiness and joy is round the corner available at every beck and call. Oops !!! The secret is out. Haha enjoy life ….


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