Face photo challenge

Face is the reflection of the mind. We emote our feelings through our face. Be it happy, sad, angry, worried or stressed. The current state of mind reflects on the face. No matter how hard one tries to suppress their feelings it inevitably resurfaces. This has like happened to me many times. I see a person, happy or is laughing and automatically there a wide smile on my face as well, it is so infectious. At times on seeing my close friend, I would ask her what is bothering her and she would say it all. Now I would not call myself a face reader 😁. But am pretty good at it . There are two people who get annoyed by me asking questions when their face tells a different story. It’s my sister and my mentor. Both of them are in many ways the same. They act like tough people whereas in reality they are marshmellows. The focus for the week being “face” makes me think a lot about it. The photo posted here is of my neice. Her warm smile brings happiness and joy. I am very grateful for the face I have and for each and every happy face I get to see around me. Cheers to happy face, a smiley 😊😊😊!!!



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