Chance encounter


Fearless, wild and ambitious… Flying in the realm of desire ….

Chance encounter with nature. I am short of words to describe the beauty of nature. Nature which is subject to constant change surprises us each second, each waking hour and all day long . Unplanned encounter with nature and trying to freeze that moment can be a little bit of a challenge. One cannot relish the true essence of success without giving it a wild chase…Giving a devilish grin, smiling mouth to mouth on acheiving the target.


Beaming with pride. Head held high.

The wake up sunrise, the touch and go breeze, peek-a-boo with the trees its branches swaying in the air, the little tree adorned with beautiful flowers sweet scented like a pretty lady who is waiting, restless, anxious her eyes incessantly searching for her love; doing all chores melancholy all the while thinking, laughing and crying recalling the sweet memories and the time once spent together. A moon that sings a lullaby and the stars which tell a bed time story filled with new hope, inspiring with positive thoughts for a new day.


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