Generation ~ perfect setting for a happy being

imageFew years ago, when suitors for a bride where to be short listed.The father of the bride-to be will ask a regular set of questions as those in a job interview. As to what he does for a living, and about his earnings and income. And of course if he has any wises such as smoking or drinking. As far as the tales go, a person holding a government job was considered to be the best catch.

There was a time when options related to education was forced on children. You should become a doctor … you should become an engineer. With each passing generation the thought process gets fine tuned. Today’s parents’ want their children to decide and let them know what their future plan is. As parents they provide the most conducive environment for the execution of the plan.

The beginning of a new era, the rise of next generation. There is a wide field of interest from which children can choose their subject of interest ranging from arts, science, medicine, outer space not just that. A preview of the job opportunities. I dream of a time when, a student joins college they will be mapped across the job opportunities available in the country or abroad. This in a way strengthens the bond between countries. And in order to monitor and inspire the students, on the job training will be provided throughout the term of the course. Thereby moulding them into next gen professionals who are career driven. In the making of happy people who love what they do best; their jobs. Cheers to working professionals and students!!!


2 thoughts on “Generation ~ perfect setting for a happy being

    • Thank you for the comment . Definitely, there are many students who envision, dream of a brighter future and strive hard in contributing in whatever way they can. As goes the saying “Little drops of water make a mighty ocean”.

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