Food, clothing and shelter are the most basic needs of a human being. Hence there is a vast variety. The assortment in these three categories  is infinite or  limitless. Sky is the limit would be an understatement in this context. Speaking of food, the diversified platter offers a wide variety not just in flavour but also in the kind of cuisine like Arabian, continental and Mexican et sera. Right from appetizers to desserts.For a person who is a foodie trying new food in a new restaurant is a liberating experience. Sometimes I feel there is no way one could do justice to the elaborate food which is offered in buffet. Credits to Internet and technology everything is available on our finger tips. Thousands of recipes are available right from waffles, risottos to dips and dressing a salad. At this point and time the distance between all countries is bridged through network. Thanks to Skype, watsapp and fb and several other social media that facilitate in reducing the gap between people. Now we are rich with information. Coming to the variety in clothing. Each time we glance our wardrobe we make a mental note of clothing to be bought and this process is never ending. And each time we want something unique. To experience the next level of shopping, a diversified clothing range is available on various online shopping portals. Housing options are so enticing that we experienced a economic melt down few years back. Each person wants to own a piece of land. Be it an apartment, duplex, pent house, villa or row house. Whenever there is a wide variety we are spoilt for choice. In the rat race to fulfil our basic needs we keep accumulating more and more. Will there come a day when we would say enough??? Really… who would say no to shopping…. And what’s the fun if we don’t live our lives the way we want. One life, live it. Viva la vida !!!




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