Major developments in history have occurred post a revolution, where lack of order has lead to blood shed, battles and wars, post which when certain rules are enforced there is peace. Law and order has led to the very thought and development of civilization, and the society we live in. At this point and time we  call ourselves civilised and cultured beings. The credits to the current state of affairs to a greater extent undeniably go to our peers and forefathers. And so be it in various fields such as politics, medicine, science and education. From chaos comes order. It may sound unreal at the beginning but it is true. Among the things that annoy, the major population is a traffic jam and standing in a disorderly queue. But if a proper order is followed right from the beginning the disorder might not occur in the first place. The same logic applies to human being. Be it in mundane  task’s of life. From the clutter of the house to the chaos in office. The element of chaos comes in play when there is disorder. Disorder is a catalyst to chaos. And chaos multiplies chaos. For instance, a person starts the day, doesn’t wake at the right time then, the activity for the next second , minute and hour gets delayed. Then chaos sets in motion the preparation that goes in getting ready for office is chaotic. The meetings scheduled for the day get postponed. And the net result is a bad day and an irritated person. Am sure each one of us would have experienced such a day in our lives. Confusion and disorder leads to stress. To remove chaos, confusion and disorder; meditation, yoga, swimming or any hobby that streamlines one’s thoughts comes in as a life saviour. Life is to live, enjoy and cherish. Cheers to a happy and peaceful life!!!



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