Raison d’être- my take on it


Lost in thoughts… A point at which there is void ….

Raison d’être – reason for existence…. On a chirpy day the simplest of things seem to inspire me. Be it a child’s smile , the clouds at the sky, flower, leaf,to the point that I am in awe with even the air I breathe. Praise to the god lord is endless, that even a tiny speck of dot in the universe is placed with such accuracy that it plays an important role. I draw all the inspiring energy to keep myself balanced. It’s actually a mocktail of many things doing meditation gives me the calm and composure, I find peace when I am scrambling an egg, while reading a novel or when sketching a picture, sometimes am relaxed watching movie or a song, chattering with friends and family looks like the thing in life. The thing that top’s the list is Shopping though you are tired at the end of it. Pleasure of  Ownership gives you such a high that one keeps going, saying “encore” asking the shop keeper to show something unique. Ultimate point where I find that connect with the soul is when I write. It’s the summary of all my feelings, emotions, fragrances I have smelled to the food I have relished, a college prank that I can never forget, a funny incident at a relatives place, a little bit of this and a wee bit of that all flashes in my mind when I write something.That is just one side of the story. On the contrary, when I am low it may be for silly things like a bad hair day, not feeling great even in your favourite of dresses or it might be even when one of your friend is not as excited as you are about a certain thing. So, when there’s a dip in my mood I get philosophical I would say, thinking of … Who I am??? What I am meant to be??? Where I came from??? Trying to find the meaning  of life. Pondering as to whether I am justifying the opportunity of life . When too many questions start clouding my thoughts, I go for the best form of meditation which is sleep.Before going into a deep slumber, I am a happy person again like Alice in wonderland dreaming. Cheers to life!!!



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