The Forgiving one!


Moon-lit night.

On a hot Saturday night, I was thinking through a thousand things lying on bed aimlessly staring at the sky. The beautiful moon-lit night throwing abstract patterns in my room. I was checking the mobile phone for messages on Watsapp and Facebook. You know it was one of those nights where nothing seems interesting still you are unable to sleep. In the meanwhile, I started to think of the god lord, my creator and started praying for my near and dear ones. As I was gathering my thoughts and concenterating I went into a deep state of meditation. Trying to catch my next breath a fragrant aroma like those in holy shrines filled my nostrils. I was flooded with emotions and my eyes were filled with tears. God has  a strange way of performing. The forgiving one!!! Why is the human race in general so judgemental ??? Why can’t we just look at the positive side of a person and ignore the rest ??? At that point I was filled with wise positive thoughts. Cheers to positive attitude towards life !!!


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